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Who we are

The Riachuelo Athletic Club, popular team soccer of Rio Grande do Norte, founded on August 16, 1948, is dedicated to promove your recognition in the brazilian sports, especially in the soccer, focusing on the training of athletes.

In the youth football, composed a team of qualified professionals working in a surroundings that stimulate the development of athletes. With this objective, develop a specific work to improve the youngers athletes of the youth football.

The Riachuelo is also engaged in the implementation of “soccer schools” for children that are 14 to 17 years old. This project is aimed to provide the psychomotor development, needed to train the young athlete and awaken in the young people the small value of respect, cooperation, tolerance and living in harmony with colleagues.

In his resumption of activities in professional football, the Riachuelo Athletic Club strives to get the membership of partnerships allowing this intent.

The Riachuelo Athletic Club is proposed, secondly, to train athletes in various sports.

The goals of the Riachuelo Athletic Club, under the amateur and professional sports, are:

a) the opportunity for access to the initiation of the fundamentals of football and amateur sports, encouraging the development of physical and psychomotor skills;

b) nurture the development of values ​​and talents in order to train future professional football players and amateur athletes;

c) act in the professional football; and

d) act in amateur sports circuit.

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